How it all began

The Jrney app is founded by Mark Attwood who is originally from East London, South Africa, but has recently returned to South Africa after spending nearly 17 years abroad in London and Dubai

When coming up with the concept of Jrney, Mark’s initial focus was on transporting of parcels, as he originally owned a courier business, and thought what a great idea it would be to use the free boot space in people’s cars as they travel across the country to deliver parcels.

“It wasn't until I was trying to find a lift for someone from EL to PE when I realised how many people were wanting lifts and if I could use space in a car for parcels, why couldn’t I do the same for people!”- Mark Attwood

And… that is how Jrney finally came about.

Travel costs have become increasingly high so by allowing users to share their resources, there is opportunity to save money.Traveling is also one of the highest contributing factors to carbon dioxide emissions. By encouraging people to share the free space in their car, we as a community can effectively decrease the amount of vehicles on the road.

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