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Jrney is a South African ridesharing mobile app that is absolutely free.
Find lifts offered or lifts needed and connect. No commissions or costs, simply agree a fee with your driver/passenger, and away you go.
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Awesome Features Connecting Travellers

Jrney is a simple to use South African ridesharing app with features that create an efficient lift sharing & carpooling app experience.

Connecting travellers and drivers | A app for long distance car sharing | Find a ride or offer a ride

  • Pre-check Driver | Passenger Reviews

    Jrney values your peace of mind. By evaluating a users past reviews you can make an informed decision.

  • Message Drivers | Passenger

    Jrney's direct messaging feature allows drivers and passengers to communicate easily regarding travel arrangements.

  • Full Jrney Overview

    The Jrney app stores driver, trip and passenger data for you so you don't have to worry about missing a detail.

  • Real time GPS Tracking

    Jrney offers valuable peace of mind with greater transparency & accountability. Whether it be tracking a driver or a passenger or tracking your parcel delivery every step of the way.

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  • Route Co-ordination

    Jrney uses google maps to help you generate an efficient pick up and drop off route.

  • Delivery | Arrival Notifications

    Jrney makes life easier by automating notifications based on your gps location.

  • Past Jrney Ridesharing Log

    Jrney will store all your past information so that you can have an overview of your Jrney activities to date.

  • User Friendly

    Jrney has been designed to facilitate efficient interaction between driver and passenger | sender with minimal work required from the user with potential match notification's.

App Screenshots

Intuitive and functional design that is consistant and meets the users needs.

User Feedback

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Great app. Saved so much money on fuel costs with my last trip

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Perfect for students. A ride sharing app connecting people going the same way.

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I had a tiny parcel that I needed to have delivered. Saved so much on delivery fees and I had peace of mind that it was in good hands.

Why people love Jrney

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Jrney : Ride share app South Africa

The Jrney ridesharing app aims to encourage the community to share its resources by offering up the spare space in their vehicles when traveling. This creates a “win-win” situation all travellers - including the environment. Drivers and passengers will save on fuel costs and parcel senders will save on courier fees. Making traveling / sending a parcel a lot more financially accessible. Less cars on the road will also result in a decrease of carbon emissions which are destroying our environment on a daily basis. What distinguishes the app from competitors who are already offering similar services?

  • The Jrney ridesharing app offers long distance shared rides.
  • Jrney allows both the driver and the passenger / sender to save money on fuel costs.
  • Jrney allows anyone to be a regular or once off driver. You determine what rides you offer and when.
  • Drivers can offer lifts and delivery in the rideshare listing.
  • Drivers get to determine their own contribution amount.
  • Both drivers and passengers can fully evaluate their request before accepting travel arrangements.
  • Jrney allows users to share their Jrney with family and friends who can then track the Jrney live. The Jrney tracking system is integrated with google maps and also applies to parcel delivery therefore allowing senders to monitor their parcel delivery.

It must be noted that Jrney is NOT a taxi service its a ride sharing service, rather it allows drivers to recover, through a contribution to fuel costs, some of the costs associated to traveling and owning a vehicle. Road and personal safety is our priority. To decrease the potential for compromised security, Jrney uses phone verification upon drive registration to help authenticate identity, ensuring new users are who they claim to be. When placing an advert, drivers also need to input their car registration. This will help passengers identify the correct vehicle upon pick up. Furthermore, friends and family can keep track of your whereabouts, whilst on a Jrney, using the shared real time gps tracking feature.

We also store all information relating to a Jrney which can be made available to any authorities on request through the proper channels.

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