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Jrney is a simple to use South African ridesharing app with features that create an efficient lift sharing & carpooling app experience. Connecting travellers and drivers | A app for long distance car sharing | Find a ride or offer a ride

  • Create Adverts

    Jrney allows drivers and passengers to create adverts easily. Drivers can offer lifts and delivery in the same ride share listing. Jrney also saves you time by allowing you to create a return trip advert simultaneously

  • Pre-check Driver | Passenger Reviews

    Jrney values your peace of mind. By evaluating a user’s past reviews, you can make an informed decision.

  • Message Drivers | Passenger

    Jrney's direct messaging feature allows drivers and passengers to communicate easily regarding travel arrangements.

  • Receive Offers and Requests

    Jrney will notify you whenever someone responds to your advert with the ability to accept or decline with ease.

  • Selection of Drivers

    Jrney sends out your request to all the active drivers in the area when using the ‘Ride Now’ service. This allows you to choose between drivers based on price, car type and reviews

  • Proximity Alerts

    Proximity alerts and driver tracking makes it easier for passengers who are using the “Ride Now” service to stay updated on the whereabouts of the driver from driver confirmation to pick up.

  • Real time GPS Tracking

    Jrney offers valuable peace of mind with greater transparency & accountability. Whether it be tracking a driver or a passenger or tracking your parcel delivery every step of the way.

  • Route Co-ordination

    Jrney uses google maps to help you generate an efficient pick up and drop off route.

  • Delivery | Arrival Notifications

    Jrney makes life easier by automating notifications based on your gps location.


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Intuitive and functional design that is consistant and meets the users needs.

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Great app. Saved so much money on fuel costs with my last trip.

review driver


Perfect for students. A ride sharing app connecting people going the same way.

carpool app south africa


The Jrney app stores driver, trip and passenger data for you so you don't have to worry about missing a detail.



Jrney is the perfect platform to help your business grow. Download the app to register as a dedicated driver for the “Ride Now” service for absolutely FREE.

  • - Receive lift requests 24/7
  • - Determine your own fare amount.
  • - Absolutely commission FREE.
  • - Trade as a private driver or under your company name i.e. ‘Easy Cabs’

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